What is the internet saying about buying a home in 2017?

  1. According to Yahoo Finance, first-time home buyers should act now because you are going to face competition and bidding wars in the spring.Buying a home

  2. Yahoo Finance also states there's more loan money out there for buyers right now.  Call your lender today to find out what you qualify for.  You might be surprised to find you don't need as much of a downpayment as you think.  

  3. Realtor.com also recommends that buyers should start looking now before the spring selling season ramps up.
  4. CBSNews.com reports that according to an analysis by Zillow, low inventory and strong demand helped push prices higher in 2016 at the fastest pace in 10 years.

  5. CBSNews.com also stated that the inventory of homes for sale is expected to be tighter in 2017 than it was in 2017.  

  6. A chief economist at Zillow said that buyers don't need to "freak out" about rising interest rates, according to CBSNews.com.

  7. Forbes.com emphasized how important it is to check your credit score when getting ready to buy a home and to get pre-approved with a lender.

  8. To get ready to buy a home Realtor Magazine suggests automating your bank accounts so that you regularly set aside money from your paycheck into a separate account, cleaning up your credit and budgeting wisely.

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