Keep Cool in the Arizona Heat This Summer With Preventative Maintenance

Air conditioners in Arizona get a workout during the summer.  Here are a few things that homeowners can do to help maintain their air conditioner to ensure it continues to keep you cool:

  • Replace your filter regularly.  During periods of high usage, replace your air filter once a month.
  • Trim back your plants so there is at least one foot of clearance around your A/C unit.
  • Clean the condenser coils.  Sand and other debris can get sucked into the condenser coils.  To clean coils, first disconnect the power to the A/C and then use a garden hose to spray the coils.
  • Have an annual maintenance inspection performed by a professional HVAC Technician.  Make sure they include checking the condenser as well as the air handler/evaporator.

If you take care of your A/C, it will take care of you and keep you cool during the hot Arizona summer.

These tips were provided by Old Republic Home Protection.