May 18, 2021

How to Buy a Home in this Extreme Seller's Market


Hot Seller's Market in Goodyear AZ

It's a crazy housing market in the Goodyear area right now!  We are in what a lot of people are referring to as an extreme seller's market.  A seller's market arises when the demand for housing exceeds the housing supply.  In a seller's market, the seller has the power.  In today's market, they have extreme power because there is a lack of housing inventory as well as a high demand from home buyers.   

So how can you buy a home when there is so much competition and not a lot of homes to choose from?  1st, find someone to be your advocate and help you through the process.  Then keep in mind the following things:

  • Time is of the essence, you will need to act fast when a property hits the market.  
  • Be prepared, you will need to submit an offer quickly and it must include a pre-qualification or loan approval form from your mortgage bank.  To beat the competition you need to present yourself as a strong buyer that won't cancel due to not being able to complete your mortgage financing.  
  • Submit a clean offer, remember that the seller has the upper hand and this is not the time to ask the seller for assistance with paying your closing costs, it's not the time to ask for special terms or conditions, it's not the time to ask for a specific closing date, and it's not the time to ask for repairs. 
  • Expect to pay over the listing price on the MLS.  The majority of the time full-price list offers are not even being considered by sellers.  Competitive buyers are offering over list price.  That means if you are getting financing, you may need to come in with some cash.  It's important to have a great lender to help you figure out the best way to financing your new home.
  • Give the seller the terms that they want.  Determine what is most important to you, but your Realtor should find out what is most important to the seller so you can create an appealing offer. 
  • Be patient because you will most likely need to make offers on more than one property.  This process can be frustrating if you don't know what to expect.
  • Stick to what is important to you, don't offer on a property you don't like because of lack of inventory.  Don't settle on a home unless you need a property to live in right away.
  • Be prepared for a low appraisal.  Demand is pushing up the prices, but homes still have to appraise for the buyer's lender to complete the financing process. The majority of buyers are offering over market value for a home and then agreeing to pay a certain amount of money over the appraised value if the appraisal comes in lower than the agreed-upon purchase price.  For example, if the agreed purchase price in the purchase contract is $330,000 and the home only appraises for $310,000, buyers are letting the sellers know upfront how much of the gap or deficit they will cover in cash.
  • Complete a Discovery Tour with your Realtor.  If you don't need to move into a home right away, complete a discovery tour to get a feel for the homes in your target neighborhood.  If you are from out of state, it will be important to tour the neighborhoods as well.  We will tour homes without the intention of making an offer, but to discuss the things you should be looking for.  When the time is right, and the right property hits the market, you will have a solid understanding of the process, if you want to put an offer in on that property, and if you do submit an offer, what to expect next.
  • Start working with a Realtor months before you are ready to buy.  Your Realtor can get you ready for the process and also keep an eye out for any properties that will be hitting the market soon.  

I'm available to help you get a game plan together for when you are ready to make a move in the Goodyear/Litchfield Park area.  I grew up in Old Litchfield and I currently live in Goodyear, so I've seen this area grow and change throughout the years. Contact me today to schedule a time to chat:  623-252-9350.  Or respond to this email.

I look forward to hearing from you!

May 11, 2021

When Will the Goodyear Housing Market Bubble Pop?

When will the bubble pop?

Properties are flying off the market in Goodyear and the surrounding area!  Sellers are receiving multiple offers and selling their homes over market value.  The housing market is hot in most of the US.  The big questions on everyone's minds:  Is this another bubble?  When will it pop?

Most experts agree that we are not currently in a bubble.  Mark Stapp, the director of Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business's real estate program recently stated to 12 News that "This is not a bubble.  This is not gonna all of the sudden pop."  

I bet you are thinking but wait, the prices have increased drastically, the market just can't sustain this and prices are going to drop.  There are, however, numerous factors that keep us from being in a bubble.

1. There is a housing shortage.  When supply is low and buyer demand is high, then the housing prices increase.  During the last bubble, we had too much inventory.  Currently, we are about 14 million homes short nationwide.  

2. People are flocking to Arizona.  We've always attracted new residents, but right now there is a high influx of people moving to the Goodyear area.  Paired with the low inventory of homes available, the high demand for housing is causing prices to increase.

3.  Rates are historically low.  Leading to the last housing market crash, buyers were getting adjustable-rate mortgages at low rates, but then the rates on their mortgage adjusted, their payments increased, and they could no longer afford the house payment.  Buyers today are locking in awesome rates for 30 years!

4.  We do not have a large number of homeowners with subprime loans. Defaults on subprime loans contributed to the crash.  Lending restrictions are much more stringent now and you can't get "no income not assets" loans anymore.  100% financing, or no money down, is also much harder to find.  You need the traditional 3 C's, Credit (credit score, Capacity (debt to income ratio), and Collateral (down payment). 

5.  Most homeowners have equity.  During the housing crash, people owed more money on their homes than their property was worth.  In today's market, most homeowners are sitting on equity, in other words, their home is worth more than what they owe to the mortgage company.  People with equity in their homes are less likely to walk away.  During the last housing crash, the large number of foreclosures that flooded the market helped contribute to the drop in prices.  

While there isn't a housing bubble waiting to burst, most believe that we will see the prices cool off a bit.  But will that affect the hot market in the Phoenix area with so many people moving here? That is another big question.  We would have to have a lot of houses hit the market for that to happen...

Looking to buy a home in the next 6 months to a year?  It's not too early to get a game plan together for buying a new home.  In today's competitive market, it's more important than ever to be prepared BEFORE you start viewing houses.  I'm here to help set you up for success, feel free to call me at 623-252-9350 to set up a phone call.  

March 1, 2021

The 25 Best Things To Do in Goodyear, Arizona

Goodyear, Arizona, is a thriving community located just outside of Phoenix. It’s gained a lot of popularity since the 90s when many residential communities began construction, and many people relocated to the quiet city. It’s the fastest-growing suburb near Phoenix, so there are plenty of new faces looking for exciting things to do in the area. 

  1. The Goodyear Community Park. This park is an excellent destination for people from all over the state, as it’s considered one of the best in Arizona. The community park has it all. From April to October, the splash park is the perfect place for kids to cool off from the Arizona heat. There are various sports courts and fields, sand volleyball courts, a dog park, playgrounds, a skate park, BBQs for public use, and more. It’s a popular place for people to have a nice picnic, bring the family, or just enjoy the beautiful weather. 
  2. Goodyear Ballpark. For sports fans, the Goodyear Ballpark hosts the Cleveland Indians and the Cincinnati Reds training camps each season, which fans can attend. Phoenix has all four major sports league teams, so it’s easy to go see a professional game about half an hour away. For non-sports fans, the ballpark hosts various events and festivals throughout the year. Every Halloween, there is a fall festival for children in costumes. In November, the Veterans Day tribute is hosted in the stadium. Other events include holidays and car shows. 
  3. Estrella Star Tower. Estrella is the largest residential area in Goodyear, and the master-planned community has a lot to offer. The Estrella Parkway leads to the Estrella Star Tower down a walking path. The tower has a spiral design that looks like the milky way, and it’s designed to fit in with the nature surrounding it. The tower is the perfect spot to see amazing views of the landscape, stars, and the sunset. There is a river and a waterfall nearby, and residents can climb the 50ft tower to take it all in and feel the peacefulness. 
  4. Estrella Lakeside Amphitheater. If you’re a fan of live shows and theater performances, the Estrella Lakeside Amphitheater is one of the best venues to do it in. The backdrop of the lake and mountains in the distance is the icing on top of the cake. Each year, the venue hosts Goodyear’s Lakeside Music Festival in the spring, which welcomes new local artists in partnership with West Valley Arts Council. Another popular event that has become a regular show is Ballet Under The Stars, performed by Ballet Arizona. The show welcomes in the autumn weather, and the show is free. 
  5. The Bible Museum. Whether you are religious, like to learn about religions, or just enjoy history, the Bible Museum is a wealth of information. It’s attached to a local hotel, so you can visit anytime, but it’s only staffed from 9 am to 4 pm during the weekdays. Tours are also available to be booked in advance. There is an extensive collection to view, so it’s worth a stop for those who love to learn. 
  6. Arizona Challenger Space Center. Previously located in Peoria, in October 2017, it relocated to Goodyear. The center offers outreach programs for students, but there are guided tours for adults with plenty to see and do. Hold a real meteorite, take a ride in the Earth-Space-Transport-Module, and so much more. 
  7. Mountain Ranch Marketplace. Since 2010, The Mountain Ranch Marketplace has been serving the Goodyear area. The designated Gold Certification for sustainability from LEED shopping center has been the hub of shopping and dining in the area. There are plenty of plans for its continued expansion, so there’s always something new to see. 
  8. Estrella Foothills Community Park and Pump Track. Take your bike between bowls, mounds of dirt, humps, and loops around the community park. The park opened in 2015 and was built by volunteers, and Goodyear residents have been having fun ever since. There are three different courses to cater to all experience levels. Visitors must follow the track rules, but everyone is welcome. 
  9. Lakeside Grill. A local favorite, this restaurant is a must-try when in the Goodyear area. Located inside the Starpointe Residents Club, everyone is welcome to grab a bite to eat here. With both indoor and patio dining options, patrons can either sit by the fireplace and enjoy a hearty meal or sit in the sun and enjoy the lake view and breeze from the water. The grill has excellent customer service, fantastic food and is open seven days a week. 
  10. Elevate Trampoline Park. There’s something for everyone at the Elevate Trampoline Park. Whether you want to bring the family or want to get together with many friends, it is a lot of fun. There are basketball hoops, rock climbing, foam pits, ninja courses, and so much more. You’ll have a blast. 
  11. Corral West Adventures. If you want to explore Arizona’s natural beauty by horseback, Corral West Adventures offers a fun way to explore the Sonoran Desert. It is perfect for a family adventure, date night, or fun thing to do with friends, it is the perfect activity for the day. They hold plenty of events, and there are numerous trails to explore. You can learn how to care and tend to the horses, have a cowboy cookout around the campfire, and much more. 
  12. South Lake Park. One thing to know about Arizona is the number of beautiful parks to enjoy. South Lake Park is a serene and peaceful park on the shore of South Lake. It’s highly recommended to visit during the sunset. There’s a path around the perimeter of the park to go for leisurely walks or a jog, and the path leads to North Lake. There are sports fields and courts to play a game of basketball, tennis, or volleyball. There are plenty of spots to have a picnic, feed the ducks, or just admire the scenery. Kids can play on the shaded playground for hours. 
  13. Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium, and Safari Park. The accredited zoo is home to Arizona’s most extensive exotic animal collection. There are plenty of group events, fun days, and education programs. The zoo has rides for kids to have extra fun, and there are over 125 acres of park to enjoy and restaurants on-site to pick up a snack or grab lunch. 
  14. Ground Control. Ground Control is a restaurant that offers eclectic cuisine that is inspired by travel. Visitors can grab a cup of the best coffee from around the world, craft beers, and so much more. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you never have to miss a fantastic meal. They also have house-made gelato for dessert, which is never a bad idea. The restaurant is well-known for its beverage selection, so try out some world-class beer, spirits, cocktails, or wine. 
  15. Life Time Climb. Located at the Palm Valley Life Time Fitness Gym, the climbing wall is accessible to members and visitors. If you’re a seasoned climber or brand new to climbing, or you like to visit a variety of locations, Life Time Climb is a great option. It’s also an excellent spot for a birthday party or a fun day out with friends. They have all the gear you need, and there are plenty of events and classes to enjoy for newbies. 
  16. Estrella Mountain Regional Park. Since 1954, the Estrella Mountain Regional Park has been a gathering place for residents and has so much to offer. It spans over 20,000 acres, and the public park is located between Goodyear and Phoenix and was initially part of the Maricopa County Park system. The park offers views of the desert, mountains, different environments, and wetlands. It’s located where the Gila and Agua Fria Rivers. There is a grass picnic area that is one-of-a-kind in the region that is over 65 acres of space. There are miles of hiking, horseback riding, and biking trails. Golf lovers can hit the green on the golf course. There are public fishing areas, sports fields, and much more. 
  17. Hawaiian Experience Spa. Take a time out at the Hawaiian Experience Spa. The Ibach family launched this incredible spa in 2007 with the goal of bringing traditional Hawaiian treatments to Phoenix. There are locations around the metro area, including Goodyear. Goodyear is the largest location with the most services, with 2,600 square feet of space, including showers, treatment rooms, massage rooms, and a full lounge with a complimentary tiki bar. There are various services, including rejuvenation, facials, sauna, and steam rooms to help you relax. 
  18. Brass Armadillo Antique Mall. The popular antique mall in Goodyear is considered the Phoenix West location and opened in 2012. There are many locations throughout the Great Plains and Southwest, indicating the popularity. It has over 55,000 square feet of incredible finds and antiques. It’s one of Arizona’s largest professionally-operated antique malls. There are plenty of rare finds that are one-of-a-kind that you’ll only find here. Daily vendors come to sell their goods, and the community offers events, workshops, and seminars. 
  19. Adventures of a Lifetime ATV. Located outside of Goodyear in Wickenburg, Arizona, this is a must-see adventure when in the area. Whether you want a fun day with the kids or a group of friends, go off-roading in the ideal terrain. There are tours available, overnight wilderness trips, and so much more. Each client receives proper training with practice before they’re allowed to go off on their own. 
  20. North Lake. Located near South Lake, close to the Estrella Mountain Ranch, North Lake is a scenic place to walk or jog. There are trails available for hiking and biking as well. 
  21. Golf Club of Estrella. Located within the master-planned Estrella, the Golf course was designed by Jack Nicklaus II. He is the son of the professional golf legend. It’s considered one of the top 20 courses in Arizona by Golfweek Magazine. Surrounded by the Sierra Estrella Mountains, the course offers a challenging game and incredible views. It offers some of the best-conditioned course facilities in the world. The course offers public play, but visitors can book private events. There are often corporate gatherings and tournaments held here. There’s also an incredible restaurant on-site with delicious meal options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. For those interested in a resort-style fun-filled day, the Golf Club of Estrella is the perfect place to be. 
  22. Southwest Specialty Foods. Since 1986, Southwest Specialty Foods was launched by Jeff Jacobs and has since become the area’s best specialty food retailer. Known for their hot sauce line, Señor Jakes Barbecue Sauces. Over 200 products for the store are manufactured in Goodyear, including jerky snacks, sauces, salsas, and seasonings. The company has a public gift shop for visitors to pick up some treats and gift items. They can also sample all the items in the store. 
  23. Bella Luna Ristorante. This upscale classic and contemporary Italian restaurant is home to the perfect date night in Goodyear. With a focus on locally-sourced ingredients, everything is made fresh in-house. Some of the most popular menu items include the veal oscar, surf and turf, spaghetti and meatballs, broccoli rabe, shrimp Bella luna, and much more. There are daily happy hour specials and something for everyone. Be sure to book a reservation. 
  24. Saddle Mountain Brewing Company. Jacob and Laura Hansen launched the Saddle Mountain Brewing Company out of love for aviation and craft beer. Starting as homebrewers, the brewery started as a distributor of Taildragger craft brews. All of their types of beer have aviation and military-related names. Saddle Mountain was Goodyear’s first production brewery, and it pioneered the re-writing of liquor ordinances to allow micro-breweries. They are open daily and have a great menu with delicious appetizers, nachos, and artisan pizzas. 
  25. Oasis Bagels. If you want something a little more low-key, Oasis Bagels is a casual cafe with delicious traditional-style bagels that are hand-rolled and kettle boiled daily. There are specialty breakfast and lunch menu items, including sandwiches, steel-cut oatmeal, omelets, and much more. You can grab a hot or cold-brewed coffee, pastries, cakes, and donuts. Grab a quick breakfast on the run or sit and get some work done in this charming spot. 

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Feb. 3, 2021

5 Inspiring Home Design and Remodeling Trends for Goodyear Homeowners in 2021

5 Inspiring Home Design and Remodeling Trends for Goodyear Homeowners in 2021



We’ve all spent a lot more time at home over the past year. And for many of us, our homes have become our office, our classroom, our gym—and most importantly, our safe haven during times of uncertainty. So it’s no surprise to see that design trends for Goodyear area homes in 2021 revolve around soothing color palettes, cozy character, and quiet retreats.


Even if you don’t have immediate plans to buy or sell your home, we advise our clients to be mindful of modern design preferences when planning a remodel or even redecorating. Over-personalized or unpopular renovations could lower your property’s value. And selecting out-of-style fixtures and finishes could cause your Goodyear home to feel dated quickly.


To help inspire your design projects this year, we’ve rounded up five of the hottest trends.  Keep in mind, not all of these will work well in every house in Goodyear. If you plan to buy, list, or renovate your property, give us a call. We can help you realize your vision and maximize the impact of your investment.



1. Uplifting Colors


Colors are gravitating toward warm and happy shades that convey a sense of coziness, comfort, and wellbeing. This year’s palettes draw from earthy hues, warm neutrals, and soothing blues and greens.1


While white and gray are still safe options, expect to see alternative neutrals become increasingly popular choices for walls, cabinets, and furnishings in 2021. For a fresh and sophisticated look, try one of these 2021 paint colors of the year: 


  • Aegean Teal (coastal blue) by Benjamin Moore
  • Urbane Bronze (brownish-gray) by Sherwin-Williams 
  • Soft Candlelight (muted yellow) by Valspar 


On the opposite end of the spectrum, indigo, ruby, sapphire, and plum are showing up on everything from fireplace mantels and floating shelves to fabrics and home accessories. These classic, rich hues can help bring warmth, depth, and a touch of luxury to your living space.


To incorporate these colors, designers recommend using the “60-30-10 Rule.” Basically, choose a dominant color to cover 60% of your room. For example, your walls, rugs, and sofa might all be varying shades of beige or gray. Then layer in a secondary color for 30% of the room. This might include draperies and accent furniture. Finally, select an accent color for 10% of your room, which can be showcased through artwork and accessories.2



2. Curated Collections


After a decade of minimalism, there’s been a shift towards highly-decorative and personalized interiors that incorporate more color, texture, and character. Clearly-defined styles (e.g., mid-century modern, industrial, modern farmhouse) are being replaced by a curated look, with furnishings, fixtures, and accessories that appear to have been collected over time.3 


This trend has extended to the kitchen, where atmosphere has become as important as functionality. The ubiquitous all-white kitchen is fading in popularity as homeowners opt for unique touches that help individualize their space. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, consider mixing in other neutrals—like gray, black, and light wood—for a more custom, pieced-together look. And instead of a subway tile backsplash, check out zellige tile (i.e., handmade, square Moroccan tiles) for a modern alternative with old-world flair.4


3. Reimagined Living Spaces


The pandemic forced many of us to rethink our home design. From multipurpose rooms to converted closets to backyard cottages, we’ve had to find creative ways to manage virtual meetings and school. And designers expect these changes to impact the way we live and work for years to come.


For example, some home builders are predicting the end of open-concept floor plans as we know them.5 Instead, buyers are searching for cozier spaces with more separation and privacy. Cue the addition of alcoves, pocket doors, and sliding partitions that enable homeowners to section off rooms as needed.4 


The necessity of a home office space is also here to stay. But what if you don’t have a dedicated room? Alternative workspaces have become increasingly popular. In fact, one of the biggest trends on Pinterest this year is the “cloffice”—essentially a spare closet turned home office. Searches for “home library design” and “bookshelf room divider” are on the rise, as well.6


4. Staycation-Worthy Retreats 


With travel options limited right now, more homeowners are turning their vacation budgets into staycation budgets. Essentially, recreate the resort experience at home—and enjoy it 365 days a year!


Bedrooms should provide a soothing sanctuary for rest and relaxation. But this year, minimalist decor and muted colors are giving way to bolder statement pieces. To create a “boutique hotel” look in your own bedroom, start with a large, upholstered headboard in a rich color or pattern. Layer on organic linen bedding and a chunky wool throw, then complete the look with a pair of matching bedside wall lights.7 


Carry those vacation-vibes into your bathroom with some of the top luxury upgrades for 2021. Curbless showers and freestanding tubs continue to be popular choices that offer a modern and spacious feel, and large-format shower tiles with minimal grout lines make clean up a breeze. Add a floating vanity and aromatherapy shower head for the ultimate spa-like experience.4




Staycation-Worthy Bathroom

5. Outdoor Upgrades


From exercise to gardening to safer options for entertaining, the pandemic has led homeowners to utilize their outdoor spaces more than ever. In fact, backyard swimming pool sales skyrocketed in 2020, with many installers reporting unprecedented demand.8 But a new pool isn’t the only way homeowners can elevate their outdoor areas this year.


The home design website Houzz recently named 2021 “the year of the pergola.” They’re a relatively quick and affordable option to add shade and ambiance to your backyard.4 Another hot trend? Decked-out, custom playgrounds for exercising (and occupying) the youngest family members who may be missing out on school and extracurricular activities.9 


But don’t limit your budget to the backyard. Landscapers are reporting an increase in front yard enhancements, including porch additions and expanded seating options. These “social front yards” enable neighbors to stay connected while observing social-distancing guidelines.10




Are you contemplating a remodel? Want to find out how upgrades could impact the value of your home? Buyer preferences vary greatly by neighborhood and price range. We can share our insights and offer tips on how to maximize the return on your investment. And if you’re in the market to sell, we can run a Comparative Market Analysis on your home to find out how it compares to others in the area. Contact me to schedule a free consultation!  Cinda Rose 623-252-9350



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Jan. 28, 2021

The Best Elementary Schools in Goodyear, Arizona

The best elementary schools in Goodyear

Goodyear, Arizona is a city outside of Phoenix that continues to gain popularity because of the climate, amenities, and endless list of things to do. As part of the Phoenix Metro Area, Goodyear is a picturesque city that has beautiful homes, great schools, and a healthy job market. For parents who are looking at the Goodyear area, there are plenty of amazing elementary schools for your children to attend. Here are some of the top options.  

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Jan. 14, 2021

Phoenix Metro Housing Market Report--January 2021


Phoenix Metro Housing Market Report--January 2021

January 2021 Market Report Commentary


Supply Down 51%, Slim Pickings in 2021

SUMMARY:  The main headline for 2021 housing market news so far is LOW INVENTORY. In fact, earlier this month we had the lowest number of homes on the market for sale in at least 20 years. Demand for housing continues to increase, from June to December of last year housing demand increased to 35% above normal. Historically low interest rates are fueling the demand.  In December, 33% of all sales closed over the asking price and only 10% included seller-paid closing costs in the 4th quarter. New construction home sales are booming but the builders are not keeping up with the demand.  Median home prices have risen 15.5% year-over-year.   There simply is not enough housing inventory for the number of buyers in the Phoenix Metro Area and buyers need to be prepared, pre-qualified with a lender, and ready to pay full price with no closing cost assistance from the seller if they want to win against the competition.

Full Commentary by Tina Tamboer, Senior Housing Analyst with The Cromford Report:

For Buyers:

There were 111,036 new listings added to the Arizona Regional MLS (ARMLS) in 2020, only 38 more than 2019, while 100,650 sold. As of January 10th, 2021 there were only 6,162 listings still active in the MLS, which is the lowest supply count recorded in at least 20 years. To make matters worse, 10% of those properties are outside of the Greater Phoenix boundary.

While the number of new listings barely changed last year, demand for homes accelerated between June and December to 35% above normal. Luxury sales over $1M soared after the pandemic restrictions were lifted. While they were already up 7.7% over 2019 at the end of June, by the end of December annual luxury sales were up 48.7%, securing an enormous record for 2020 at 2,575 sales over $1M.

Outside of the MLS, new home developers have been struggling to meet demand as well. Despite the roadblocks in production due to the pandemic, forest fires and supply line disruptions, as of November builders still managed to sell 14% more homes and obtain 28,204 more single family permits for future supply, up 24% over 2019. The median price of a new single family home only rose 6% from $333K to $353K and considering the median price of a resale home is $335K, thats extremely competitive.

As supply began to drop last month, December saw 33% of sales closed over asking price and only 10% in- involved seller-paid closing costs in the 4th Quarter.

Bottom line for buyers starting their search in 2021, be on top of your loan and be ready to pounce on every new listing that fits your needs. Many new listings will be on the market for less than a week prior to ac- accepting a contract.

For Sellers:

The state of Arizona ranked 3rd in the nation for population growth behind Texas and Florida in the latest 2020 Census release. When the full report comes out later this year, we expect to see California as the #1 source of inbound migration for Greater Phoenix. Moving companies such as Atlas, United Van Lines and North American have released their annual migration reports and 2 out of the 3 list Arizona in their Top 5 states for inbound moves. United Van Lines specifically cites retirement” as the primary reason for 37% of inbound moves, 70% were over 55 years old and 63% made incomes over $100,000 per year.

While median home prices have risen 15.5% year-over-year, the median rental rates through ARMLS have also risen 12.9% from $1,550 to $1,750/month. This increase, combined with historically low mortgage rates, has fueled more demand to purchase.

As the population continues to grow, the housing gap is becoming harder to close. After a decade of under-building, this will take more than a few months or a year to correct. However as prices rise and affordability quickly drops, its reasonable to expect some demand to drop with it. With that expectation, home prices are still projected to rise throughout 2021 but possibly at a slower rate in the latter half of the year. It will be another great year for sellers.

Commentary written by Tina Tamboer, Senior Housing Analyst with The Cromford Report ©2021 Cromford Associates LLC and Tamboer Consulting LLC 


Have any questions about how you can buy a home in the Goodyear area just outside of Phoenix?  Or are you thinking about selling your home in the Goodyear area?  I'm here to help!  Contact me at 623-252-9350, I'd be happy to help you get a game plan together for finding a new home.  My goal is to set you up for success with less stress!


Dec. 8, 2020

The Best High Schools In Goodyear, Arizona | 2021 Edition

Goodyear, Arizona, is located in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, and it’s a laidback, relaxed place that many people are excited to relocate to. The city is thriving, as it’s home to some of the state’s best employers, it’s a safe community, and has access to excellent schools. The neighborhoods are thoughtfully-designed with a variety of home prices, so there’s something for everyone in Goodyear. Parents looking to choose Goodyear as their next home will feel confident choosing the community because of the excellent education resources. Here are the best high schools in Goodyear, Arizona. 

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Nov. 26, 2020

Revealed: The Best Neighborhoods in Goodyear, Arizona

The best neighborhoods in Goodyear Arizona

Goodyear, Arizona, is one of the most exciting communities near Phoenix. With the booming economy and real estate markets, the city is thriving more than ever. Goodyear has a reasonable cost of living, beautiful homes, excellent amenities, and thoughtfully-planned neighborhoods that fit a range of budgets. With seven months of sunshine, Arizona is an invigorating place to call home. Goodyear offers residents a healthy mix of condos, townhomes, single-family homes, estate homes, and gated communities, both older and newly constructed. There’s something for everyone in Goodyear. All of the communities are raved about, but here are the best neighborhoods to call home in Goodyear, Arizona. 

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Nov. 1, 2020

The New Normal: A Strong Housing Market in Goodyear


Goodyear Housing Market


The New Normal: A Strong Housing Market in Goodyear Expected to Continue into 2021


What a crazy year this has been!  A lot of people are wondering, will the housing market in the Goodyear area continue to be strong?


“2020 will be known for a lot of things, and a record-breaking year for real estate will certainly be one of its more unexpected legacies,” prominent economist Daryl Fairweather said.1 And he’s right: most of us would have expected the housing market to suffer from circumstances like a once-in-a-hundred-years pandemic and historic inventory shortages. 


But, rather than a slowdown, we are continuing to experience a surprisingly robust real estate market across the country, as well as here in Goodyear. And experts estimate that these conditions are likely to last well into the new year. Fannie Mae Senior VP and Chief Economist Doug Duncan predicts that existing home sales will ultimately “be up a percent or more in 2021.” He believes home prices will continue to rise due to limited inventory, but he is confident the Federal Reserve will keep interest rates low into the future, which will be “very good for households.”2


Market conditions like fewer available listings, changing criteria for desired homes, and record-low mortgage rates are changing the way people buy and sell homes, most likely in a lasting way. But this sustained activity, even in the uncertainty that is 2020, proves that our country still views real estate as a sound investment. The only question now is how you can take advantage of the housing market’s “new normal.” 


Goodyear Housing Market





Inventory, meaning the number of homes for sale, is at a record low across the country. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports there are fewer homes on the market today than the association has seen in data going all the way back to 1982.3 Currently, the total housing inventory is about 1.47 million units, which is a decline of 19.2% from one year ago.4


Experts do predict some relief on the horizon. MarketWatch had previously anticipated housing starts would occur at a pace of 1.45 million and building permits would come in at a pace of 1.52 million.But it turns out that the market exceeded expectations: compared with last year, housing starts are up 11%, and permitting for new homes occurred at a seasonally-adjusted annual rate of 1.55 million. That represents a 5% increase from August and an 8% increase from a year ago.  Buying a new construction home can be a great option for buyers right now.  New homes are being built in Goodyear, Avondale, Litchfield Park and Buckeye.


For now, the fact that there are fewer listings creates an advantageous housing market for sellers. There are several reasons why. 


For one, buyers have to act fast to snap up available homes. As a result, most properties that come on the market stay for an average of just 21 days before they are sold.6 “That is the fastest ever recorded in our monthly series,” says NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun.


Another benefit is that sellers are enjoying higher net returns on their listings. This is thanks to the tough competition for homes, which often results in bidding wars between buyers. Nationwide, the median home price in September rose to $311,800. That translates to about $40,000 (15%) more than just a year ago.7 


This seller’s market is not simply a product of the pandemic. In fact, in the country’s top 100 metro markets, inventory has been dwindling since the first quarter of 2020.8 This means that even with increased construction, buyers can’t simply wait for things to go back to normal before reentering the market. Rather, all signs indicate that this is the new normal in the Goodyear, Litchfield Park, Avondale, and Buckeye area.


What It Means for Homeowners: 

These higher home prices show that buyers are willing to spend more on a home right now than they did last year. So, if there ever were a time to list for top dollar—and expect to receive asking price quickly—that time is now. Ask us for a free consultation of your home’s value today.



What It Means for Homebuyers:

Due to low inventory, buyers could easily find themselves in a bidding war. Time is of the essence in a seller’s market, so you’ll need to get your financing in order and be preapproved for a loan before you begin your home search. We can connect you with a trusted mortgage professional to get you started.





Don’t worry, homebuyers. This “new normal” of real estate has benefits for you too. 


For example, people used to base their next home purchase on how far the commute was to work or in which public school district it was. But now, thanks to the pandemic shifting the locus of jobs and work, they are free to consider what they need from a home to make it a place they truly want to be in as they work, teach, exercise, cook, and live.


Often, this equates to needing more space in different types of areas. consumer surveys show that people are desiring quieter neighborhoods, home offices, updated kitchens, and access to the great outdoors.9 The search for these criteria is driving residents out of densely populated metropolitan areas and into the suburbs.10 And this exodus from cities is good news for buyers: it opens up more possibilities for inventory that they could not have considered pre-pandemic. 


Another advantage for buyers is the record-low mortgage rates. The average rate for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage hit a record low in mid-October when rates fell to 2.81%. That’s the lowest since Freddie Mac began conducting the survey in 1971 and well below last year’s 3.69%.11 Similarly, a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage can be had for as low as 2.35% compared to 3.15% a year ago.


Thanks to these rates, buyers are afforded the opportunity to buy nearly $32,000 more home than they could one year ago while keeping their monthly payment the same.12 So even though home prices are high now, it is currently more affordable to buy a home now than it was last year.


If you want to take advantage of these rock-bottom mortgage rates, you need to act fast. Though rates are projected to stay low, housing economists predict that the window of opportunity to get the best rate could be closing in the coming months. Mike Fratantoni, chief economist at the Mortgage Bankers Association, said he expects the average rate on a 30-year mortgage to rise to 3.5% by the end of 2021.13



What It Means for Homeowners:

Record-low mortgage rates offer you the opportunity to lower your monthly payment—or even take out some equity—with a refinance. With those additional funds, you could even choose to invest in a second home in a new desirable location. Reach out to me for a referral to a trusted mortgage professional or an agent in those markets. 



What It Means for Homebuyers:

The time is now to determine how much home you can comfortably afford and make a plan to find it. I can set up a search for you to find homes that best meet your new needs, even if they’re in neighborhoods you wouldn’t have considered before.  We can also site down and get a game plan together for getting you in a new home with the least amount of stress.





Despite the seemingly adverse buyer conditions, 2020 experienced a 14-year high number of home sales, NAR reports. Existing-home sales, which include single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums and co-ops, rose 9.4% in September to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 6.54 million.14 That’s a 21% increase from a year ago! 


Every region of the country has seen a surge in sales activity. According to George Ratiu, senior economist for, part of the reason for these continued sales is that the pandemic has created a paradigm shift in the patterns of real estate.15 For example, housing needs are typically resolved by late summer and early fall to coincide with the commencement of the new school year. With homeschooling and remote work, however, buyers have been freed to continue their home search into the traditionally slow winter months.


Another reason for the robust market is that Millennials are finally putting their money into homeownership. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the homeownership rate for 25-to-34-year-olds rose to 40.7% by the end of last year.16 This is significant because Millennials, the generation of people in their mid-20s to late-30s, currently surpasses Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living adult generation. As the remaining percentage of this group starts investing in homes in the near future, demand will persist.


All of these factors indicate that the housing market is poised to remain strong as we head into the new year. And as Jonathan Woloshin, head of U.S. real estate at UBS Global Wealth Management, believes, they could “buoy the housing market for years to come.”17 


What It Means for Homeowners:

It’s tempting to believe that homes will basically sell themselves in a market like this. But we’re still seeing properties that are overpriced and under-marketed sit unsold. I can help you optimize the process of selling your home so you can get the best possible offer with the best terms.



What It Means for Homebuyers:

Preparation is key to success in a seller’s market like this, but don’t let yourself become paralyzed. I am here to answer your questions and offer sound advice to guide you through all the options that are available to you.  Together we can get a game plan together that will help you beat out the competition.





Your other investments might have been on roller coasters this year, but the real estate market has been steady, competitive, and strong throughout. That makes it a good choice for your financial future.


National real estate numbers can give us a pulse on the market, but real estate happens in our own backyard. As your local market experts, we can help you understand the finer points of the market that impact sales and home values in your own neighborhood. 


If you’re considering buying or selling a home before the new year or in early 2021, contact me now to schedule a free consultation. I’ll work with you to develop an actionable plan to meet your goals. You can use my contact form, email me at or give me a call/text at 623-252-9350.  I look forward to hearing from you!  It's my goal to set you up for success!







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