Do You Use Hashtags on Twitter?

Hashtags are a way to organize tweets on Twitter.  When sending out tweets, there is not a field where you can categorize your messages so an alternative way has formed.  Actually it has been in use for awhile now.  People use hashtags in front of a keyword or tag so their tweets will be searchable by that topic.  By adding the # symbol in front of a term it groups you with other users that have tweets about the same term.  When someone seaches for your topic they will get all of the related messages.

Twitter Bird  #

The iidea of using hashtags on Twitter is to make it simple for people to search for tweets about a common topic.  To find a specific common topic, go to your Twitter home page and simply type in a # followed by the keyword ot topic.

Twitters are also using hashtags to attempt to rank higher in Twitter's search results since their messages are more likely to be discovered based on a key term.  Use hashtags with caution though.  If you overuse them then your tweets begin to look spammy.  Only use hashtags when they're going to add value to your followers.

Are you using Hashtags on Twitter?  I'm not!  Maybe I will try to integrate them somehow though.  Please comment and let us know how you use hashtags.

Thank you!
Cinda Rose
Welcome Home Realty