Retirement is a major accomplishment. But you also have to decide what to do next. While the new found freedom is exhilarating, many people don't know what to do with themselves in retirement.

Optimize your investments. The need for investment management doesn't end upon retirement. In many ways, it's a new beginning. If you worked closely with a financial adviser during your working years to save for retirement, continue to work with one going forward.

Optimize your lifestyle. Your investments are just one part of the retirement equation. With all of this new time on your hands, it can be easy to overspend. Instead, consider living a modest lifestyle. You might downsize your home and find less expensive hobbies. Consider eating better food and less snack and convenience foods. There's something about living modestly that's appealing to many people. Try it out and see if it improves your retirement. As a benefit, you will save money and be able to live within your means.

Show family members how to get the most out of their finances. Teaching others is extremely rewarding. If you have family members who are struggling with their finances and you've done well with yours, see if they'd be open to your help.

By maintaining your investment balance as much as possible and seeking out ways to save on expenses, you can have a much better retirement. Retirement isn't always easy, but one that's lived with care can be tremendously rewarding for you and your family.