Gary has joined forces with The West Valley Home Team!

If you are a buyer in today’s market, or your 6 months away from your purchase, there are many types of properties that you may be looking at. Short sales, bank owned properties, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac properties, HUD properties, new builds and traditional sales. Each one of these types of transactions is handled just a little different than the other and may have different requirements to complete the sale     

You may be interested in purchasing at one of the auctions . I personally flipped over 60 homes in the valley over the past few years. I have plenty of knowledge in assisting with this if you are interested. 

I have title companies, lenders, inspectors, pool companies, and A/C companies and general handymen at my disposal to make sure your home purchase is taken care of with the most professional service possible. If you have a question I will make sure you have an answer or the contact information to get the answer…..and please don’t forget, there aren’t any silly questions in today’s market……It is changing every day !!

It is my job to protect my buyer’s interests in the home purchase process. Even in a new build transaction. There is something else that you should remember…….all of my real estate expertise is paid for by the “seller” in a transaction. That’s no extra cost to you !

As a home seller, I can give you the most accurate information on your neighborhood. As I mentioned, I have flipped many homes over the past couple of years. I have become quite good at buying low and selling high !!!

Feel free to send me an e-mail and I will put you on my monthly “Market Report”. This will keep you up to date on the current real estate market trends.  I can also set you up on an “auto e-mail”. This will give you up to date information as any new homes in your neighborhood enter or sell in the real estate market.